The new Super Smash Bros.

SuperSmashBrosWallpaper800It has been 5 years since the last SSB game was released and 14 years since the 1st SSB was released for the N64. SSB has undeniably been one of Nintendo’s best selling games and one of the best fighter games ever.

It has been a couple of years since we have gotten a new Smash Bros game and with the recent release of the Wii U, we can now expect a new Smash game soon with new characters and levels.

Will Megaman be added?

Will Megaman be added?

The things that are interesting about the next Smash Bros game will be which characters are added/subtracted. I love seeing more characters from different universes getting a chance to be in Smash. It only helps the game and gives it more a more diverse and fun collection of playable characters.

Another intriguing thing about the next Smash game is, how will the developers balance the game? Will they make Metaknight the ouright best player in the game again or will they do like Call of Duty and send updates for the game over the internet of their are any glitches?

I hope to see more Nintendo characters and some other unexpected characters from other gaming franchises. I hope the game is more balanced, but unfortunately their are always some glitches or unfair attack that will be abused. They should use the updating system over the Nintendo Internet Connection.

What about Waluigi?

What about Waluigi?

Hopefully the new edition of Smash will be a hit. What characters would you like to see in the new smash? What changes would help the game?

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New Apple products for Fall 2013

Apple has recently announced that it will be releasing new products this Fall and this leads many people to speculate. Will it just be another software update or will Apple come out with a revolutionary product that changes the industry again?


iPhone 6?

I believe that Apple does have a new product waiting to be released and it is in their best interests to keep it secret because if they announce it, competitors may copy it. Apple has not yet dissapointed the public and the hype that they produce at their stores when new products are released makes this clear.

What do you think Apple will release this Fall? Will it be revolutionary device or just an update to all their existing devices?

You can see the full report of Apple’s future plans here

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Next Xbox to be revealed, May 21

Next Xbox?

Next Xbox?

Microsoft has said that it will be hosting an event on May, 21 to announce the future of its company and to introduce upcoming products. You can find out specifics of this event at TechRadar.

This event will be interesting because Microsoft will most likely shed some light on its upcoming console. This move was expected, due to Sony’s recent event that confirmed the PS4 and showed off many of its new features and games.

Many interesting questions are still unanswered regarding the next generation consoles. Like what graphics capabilites will they have and what kind of backwards compatibility they will have with older games.

The problem still remains whether used games should be banned or whether the next generation consoles should require an online connection to use and whether games should only be available through download.

Nevertheless, we will get some answers May 21.

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The Microsoft Surface Pro


The Surface Pro by Microsoft has already been out for a couple of months now and has been getting a lot of attention due to its versatility of having the functionality of a computer with elements of a tablet. The Surface Pro has an attachable keyboard that gives it a laptop kind of feel. So far, the reviews and critics have given it positive reviews.

Surface reviews- tech radar, cnet, zdnet


This Surface Pro can be thought of as an enhanced iPad. The Surface Pro will surely have a profound impact on the industry and change how the current tablets are being made. Apple might look into powering up their iPad and giving it more productivity tools.  Maybe the Macbook Air will eventually be small enough to be a flip touch screen tablet.

What do you think about the Surface Pro? Is it the best tablet/computer out there?

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T-Mobile’s industry solution, No contracts and iPhone


T-Mobile has recently announced that it will carry the iPhone and it will take a different approach on how to sell the devices to consumers. The company will offer the phone at $99 down payment and then require the consumer to play $20 a month for 20 months.

This announcement has been long awaited  and is a departure from  the traditional method that the majority of the carriers have been using. Virgin Mobile offers a plan similar to this but requires that the consumer pay the entire price of the phone upfront.

This model is a big move away from the standard of the phone industry of requiring a 2 year contract and into a new direction that emphasizes more choice in products. T-Mobile is getting rid of the contract that commits consumers to that company for 2 years and replacing it with a low-cost all included plan.

I believe that this move from T-Mobile will force the other cell phone companies into getting rid of their contracts. No consumer enjoys being locked into one phone company for 2 years. This is a move that is a breath of fresh air for consumers and a problem for other cell phone companies.

What do you think about getting rid of 2 year contracts? Is this model a viable business model?

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Photo by OUYA

Photo by OUYA

With the next generation consoles right around the corner, one company has decided that it is time to try something different. The OUYA is a game console that will retail for $99 and will feature free-to-play demos with the option of buying the full version. The OUYA will be available to consumers in early June 2013 and is available for pre-order now. The specs of the OUYA can be seen here.

Photo by OUYA

Photo by OUYA

This new console has taken a radically different approach towards how to manufacture a console. Their business model is to make the money off the in-game purchases or micro transactions that the consumer makes in-game. This business model is risky though because it depends on the success of each individual game and how well they manage to convince consumers to purchase their in-game items or upgrade to full versions.

I believe that the OUYA will be a quiet success but it may have trouble knocking off Sony or Microsoft due to its lacking horsepower. What do you think about the OUYA console? Will you purchase one?

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Are Cell Phones destroying us?

Our society is completely immersed in cell phone usage. Everywhere you go, there are people on their phones, texting, surfing and talking. Question is, are cell phones helping or hurting us?

Photo by HDnux

Photo by HDnux


  • helps us communicate faster
  • helps us with everyday tasks (calculator, reminders and lists)
  • helps us access information easier
  • good for emergencies
  • helpful for photographs
Photo by Tatango

Photo by Tatango


  • may cause cancer
  • reduces social interactions
  • distracts us
  • devalues human interaction

There is no doubt that cell phones have a variety of advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I think the best way to keep ourselves from getting tunnel vision, is using cell phones only when you really have to, then when we are with someone, we will actually spend time with them. 

What do you guys think? Is cell phone usage too out of control or is it justified? Please feel free to comment.

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