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T-Mobile’s industry solution, No contracts and iPhone

T-Mobile has recently announced that it will carry the iPhone and it will take a different approach on how to sell the devices to consumers. The company will offer the phone at $99 down payment and then require the consumer … Continue reading

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Are Cell Phones destroying us?

Our society is completely immersed in cell phone usage. Everywhere you go, there are people on their phones, texting, surfing and talking. Question is, are cell phones helping or hurting us? Benefits helps us communicate faster helps us with everyday … Continue reading

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Will the new BlackBerry Phones be successful?

The new BlackBerry phones have been announced and are slated to be released in the Spring of 2013 for various US carriers. Blackberry has more or less moved away from the traditional physical qwerty keyboard and with the Z10┬áhas moved … Continue reading

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Is BlackBerry Done?

  There have been an abundance of articles and commentaries being made towards the newly renamed BlackBerry (used to be called Research in Motion) about their falling stock and market share throughout the last couple of years. Everyone is familiar … Continue reading

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