Wii U selling bad?

Photo by Cdnl

Photo by Cdnl

The Wii U has received many neutral reviews and it seems as though many people are still on the fence on whether or not to buy a Wii U. There have been reports stating that the Wii U is not selling much. Many critics have said that the Wii U is still lacking a robust game library.

The question is, with all the Wii U’s exciting features, why is it not selling well? Is it the price point? Is it a lack of games? Or is it simply just a rough time economically for everyone?

Are games like New Super Mario Bros U, ZombiU and Pikimin 3 enough to garner more sales?

Why do you think the Wii U is not selling? Please feel free to comment.

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Will the new BlackBerry Phones be successful?

The new BlackBerry phones have been announced and are slated to be released in the Spring of 2013 for various US carriers. Blackberry has more or less moved away from the traditional physical qwerty keyboard and with the Z10 has moved toward an all touch screen phone. There will still be a new BlackBerry phone with a physical keyboard and it is the Q10


The new Z10 will be incorporating BlackBerry’s new OS called BB10. New features of the Z10 are video chat through BB messenger, improved keyboard funtionality and Blackberry Hub (a collection of your notifications in one app).


  • 16 GB of storage space
  • a 4.2″ touch display
  • 8 megapixel rear camera
  • 1280×768 resolution
  • 1080p HD video recording  
  • 10 hours of talk time, 13 days of standby time
  • Price not known yet 

Do you guys think the new BlackBerry phones will be successful? If not why? Please feel free to comment.

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Which system won the “Console War”?

Photo by Gamesindustry

Photo by Gamesindustry

As the current console war is coming close to its end with the announcement of the PS4 and the Wii U being released, I think now is the best time to decide which system won this generations console war.

The console war between the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii began in 2006. It has been 7 years that these consoles have been battling each other for the top spot in the gaming market and after so much fighting, which console won?

The underlying question is, what is the criteria are we using for basing which console won the war? It is sales, reviews, games or hardware? I believe that the general consensus of the public regarding which console won is the one that had the highest amount of sales.

This generation’s console war has been a long and hard fought battle between Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. There have been many ups and downs for all three of these gaming companies. The Wii made a soft impact early but steadily gained popularity as time passed due to the innovative and revolutionary play style. Xbox 360 and PS3 battled over sales and both offered different features to the consumer. PS3 offered Bluray, free online play and built in wi-fi. The Xbox 360 offered better online gameplay, lower price point and the Halo series.

All in all, the Xbox 360 and PS3 both did not innovate and only improved upon existing technology.

Later on in the console war, Sony and Microsoft would begin to realize that you cannot  only rely on graphics to sell games, leading to the creation of the Move and Kinect. From the beginning, the Wii was the oddball because it did not stick to the conventional style of improving graphical performance like the other companies. Nintendo innovated and at first it didn’t look good, but in the end, the innovation payed off.

The Wii leads all three companies in units sold. Which inevitability would lead many people to say that the Wii won this generation’s console war.

Personally, I also believe that the Wii won due to its simple yet fun play style and low price point. The casual and revolutionary gameplay of the Wii captured the casual gamer market which resulted in Nintendo selling many Wiis.

Basically, this question comes down to each person’s perception of success. Is success defined by sales, innovation or graphical power? Which console do you believe won this generation’s console war? Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii? Please feel free to comment.

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Are used games becoming obsolete?

Photo by tbiley

Photo by tbiley


There is a problem in the gaming industry that game developers have been becoming more and more conscious of these last couple of years; the practice of trading and buying used games.

Trading and buying used games has been a common practice for the gaming community for many years now, problem is that the people who make the game don’t get a cut of that money. Gamestop has been under heavy criticism for being the main “catalyst” of the used game movement. Gamestop is one of the largest gaming distributors in the market as well.

The Reason

The next generation consoles might implement this practice of banning used games. There is a new atmosphere in the video game industry, the desire to get a share of the profit that used games provide. There is no doubt that gaming companies are losing money because people are choosing to buy used games instead of new because of the price difference.

Companies like Gamestop make much of their profit with trade-in games and re-selling those games back to the customer. Many consumers are oblivious to the thought of not being able to play used games on their new consoles.

Game developers have begun to notice that if they begin to restrict their games to only work on a specific console, they can make money. This thought process has come to make the gaming industry rethink the way games are sold. The gaming giants are contemplating making this come true on the next iteration of their consoles.


This used game debate is a hot button issue that causes much discussion between the gaming community. Some argue that by forcing gamers to buy every game specific to their gaming console, the industry will generate more money for the gaming company leading to better quality games for consumers. Others argue that by taking away the ability to play used games on a console other than your own, will destroy companies like Gamefly and Gamestop. These companies rely on providing used games to their customers.

This is a complicated issue that gaming companies will be contemplating for future generation systems. What do you think about used games becoming restricted? Do you think gaming companies have a right to do this? Please feel free to comment.

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Are Video Games hurting us?

Photo by Loren Kahle

Photo by Loren Kahle

Our society is in the middle of a crossroads right now concerning video games.

The video game has come a long way since the simple 8 bit days; There us no doubt that the violence in video games has risen significantly since those days. Due to this revolution, games have slowly been changing from friendly side-scrollers, towards more darker themed story lines. This gradual change has been making many people uncomfortable about the direction that the gaming industry is heading.

There have been many studies and research done over the years to prove that video games have been hurting us instead of helping us. Many of these researchers are using violent games as an example of our violent acts (GTA, COD and Mortal Kombat). They have been blaming recent violent acts the cause of video games.

There are both benefits and disadvantages to video games. The disadvantages are that video games desensitizes kids, sexual content and teaches them inappropriate behaviors. The benefits are enhancing creativity, improved problem solving skills and medical therapy. Do the benefits outweigh the disadvantages?

There is a fundamental problem that is underlying in all of this, are we truly influenced by things that happen in a fantasy world? Do video games really influence us that much that we are swayed into doing bad things.

Personally, I believe that we must control amount of gaming kids engage in because that is where this problem stems from. As you get older, you start to realize that video games are completely fake and solely for entertainment but young kids do not understand this difference and this misunderstanding could lead to some future problems for them. What do you think? Do you believe video games are hurting us? Please feel free to comment.

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Does Social Media destroy or help relationships?

In our society we have been witnessing an evolution, one that is rapidly updating and upgrading itself everyday and every moment. There is no doubt that we have come a long way since the days of the cave drawings. But, because of all our rapid advances we might be forgetting something that has defined us as humans for thousands of years, romance.

This is a very troubling thing to be losing out on as we rely on it to reproduce and keep our race going. Social media has a profound effect on relationships, that is undeniable  To be able to check on your couple’s status, photos and comments is very intrusive and very informative. People are falling in love in different ways nowadays. People meet over the internet and usually go on dates with these people met over the internet. I am undecided if this is good or bad because finding someone on the internet is usually a toss-up, you might get find a good mate or might end up finding the exact opposite.

Strangely, social media is causing love to lose its value and meaning. I must admit, going out on a date with someone and having them pull out their phone every couple of seconds is frustrating  But like other impacts social media has had on our society everything else I believe that social media has been a double edged sword for our society. It benefits some and hurts others. It is a “enter at your own risk” sort of thing. It definitely helps that you can keep in touch with your loved one no matter where they are but is that necessarily good? The issue that rises here is one of privacy and space. Should you be able to talk to your lover at any moment of the day? This whole issue brings up many questions and issues. I personally believe that social media is not good for a relationship, it damages it and is counterproductive. I believe that social media is more of a gimmick that should only be used to have fun with not to be taken seriously. Do you think Social Media is good or bad for romance? What bothers you about social media and romance? Please feel free to comment.

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Which Web Browser is the best?

There has been a mini battle between web browsers these days and with all the new computers with different set ups and operating systems, it begs the question, which operating system is the best? A difficult question to answer, even more difficult to try to explain and understand the complex mumbo jumbo of each browser.

As of now, the most widely used browser in the world is Google Chrome. This should not come as a surprise to anyone, as the majority of users usually just want a browser that provides speed over anything else. As for Internet Explorer, it still remains very popular but people are flocking away from it because of a list of ever growing bugs. Another very popular browser that has always been in a weird sort of 2nd place to everyone else is Firefox. Firefox is a great alternative for any of these browsers and gives the user good speed and reliability. Another rather unknown browser is Opera. Opera has not gained a lot of the market share not because it is not good but rather because it gets crushed in marketing by the other big name companies.

I think that no browser is better than the rest but rather every browser has its strengths and weaknesses. It really depends on how you will use that browser which will achieve maximum browsing effectiveness for you, no doubt that it is very frustrating to have a browser crash on you every couple of minutes or have constant ads appear every moment. If your the average user, (mostly surfing, occasional downloading and frequently watch videos) I believe that the browser that will suit your needs best will be the one that is the best of all the worlds. I personally would recommend Google Chrome. Chrome’s mix of speed and simplicity definitely catapult it over its competition. At the end of the day, everyone has a browsing experience preference, some people prefer security over speed, some prefer reliability over security. Everyone uses browsers for different reasons and every browser has different capabilities.

Internet Explorer is still the dominant browser but only due to the fact that it automatically comes included with a new computer purchase. Well, like anything else this debate usually comes down to the consumer and what they choose to download and purchase. Overall, this mini-battle between browsers is a good thing because the competition pushes everyone forward to try to make their browser the best. Which browser do you use? Which do you think is the best? Please feel free to comment.

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