New Apple products for Fall 2013

Apple has recently announced that it will be releasing new products this Fall and this leads many people to speculate. Will it just be another software update or will Apple come out with a revolutionary product that changes the industry again?


iPhone 6?

I believe that Apple does have a new product waiting to be released and it is in their best interests to keepĀ it secret because if they announce it, competitors may copy it. Apple has not yet dissapointed the public and the hype that they produce at their stores when new products are released makes this clear.

What do you think Apple will release this Fall? Will it be revolutionary device or just an update to all their existing devices?

You can see the full report of Apple’s future plans here


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1 Response to New Apple products for Fall 2013

  1. Gaming Dad says:

    Unlikely to be a TV – Profit margins are low – Market saturated – difficult to have thier own interface.

    Could be a Watch (Like a tiny I Ipod Touch) with built in pulse monitor for fitness nuts. Rarely do you see a jogger without an iphone or ipod strapped to them!!

    Could be a games console. IOS based just like the android consoles hitting the market soon.
    I’d bet it will be intergrated into a new Apple TV as nobody want to have two apple devices sat by the telly. It would need a basic controller or be played through the IPAD/Phone/POD

    My money is on the watch and the new Apple TV with Ios Games functionality.

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