Wii U selling bad?

Photo by Cdnl

Photo by Cdnl

The Wii U has received many neutral reviews and it seems as though many people are still on the fence on whether or not to buy a Wii U. There have been reports stating that the Wii U is not selling much. Many critics have said that the Wii U is still lacking a robust game library.

The question is, with all the Wii U’s exciting features, why is it not selling well? Is it the price point? Is it a lack of games? Or is it simply just a rough time economically for everyone?

Are games like New Super Mario Bros U, ZombiU and Pikimin 3 enough to garner more sales?

Why do you think the Wii U is not selling? Please feel free to comment.


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1 Response to Wii U selling bad?

  1. Gaming Dad says:

    I think there are a number of factors.

    1) The “childish” image the Wii ended up getting through the volume of rubbish party games
    2) The economic down turn
    3) Poor communication and marketing as to exactly what the Wii U is and what it does
    4) Nintendo making a big deal of porting olders PS3 and 360 games across
    5) The knowledge that PS4 and XBox 720 are about 12 months away

    Personally I thought the Wii had some great games I’m sure Nintendo will bring some excellent games to the Wii U also.

    It’s key feature is the gamepad allowing off screen play – Great for the gaming dads out there but the PS4 has announced it will do the very same using the Vita. Personally I think this will lead to Wii U’s failure.

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