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The new Super Smash Bros.

It has been 5 years since the last SSB game was released and 14 years since the 1st SSB was released for the N64. SSB has undeniably been one of Nintendo’s best selling games and one of the best fighter … Continue reading

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New Apple products for Fall 2013

Apple has recently announced that it will be releasing new products this Fall and this leads many people to speculate. Will it just be another software update or will Apple come out with a revolutionary product that changes the industry … Continue reading

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Next Xbox to be revealed, May 21

Microsoft has said that it will be hosting an event on May, 21 to announce the future of its company and to introduce upcoming products. You can find out specifics of this event at TechRadar. This event will be interesting … Continue reading

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The Microsoft Surface Pro

The Surface Pro by Microsoft has already been out for a couple of months now and has been getting a lot of attention due to its versatility of having the functionality of a computer with elements of a tablet. The … Continue reading

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T-Mobile’s industry solution, No contracts and iPhone

T-Mobile has recently announced that it will carry the iPhone and it will take a different approach on how to sell the devices to consumers. The company will offer the phone at $99 down payment and then require the consumer … Continue reading

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With the next generation consoles right around the corner, one company has decided that it is time to try something different. The OUYA is a game console that will retail for $99 and will feature free-to-play demos with the option … Continue reading

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Are Cell Phones destroying us?

Our society is completely immersed in cell phone usage. Everywhere you go, there are people on their phones, texting, surfing and talking. Question is, are cell phones helping or hurting us? Benefits helps us communicate faster helps us with everyday … Continue reading

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