Are used games becoming obsolete?

Photo by tbiley

Photo by tbiley


There is a problem in the gaming industry that game developers have been becoming more and more conscious of these last couple of years; the practice of trading and buying used games.

Trading and buying used games has been a common practice for the gaming community for many years now, problem is that the people who make the game don’t get a cut of that money. Gamestop has been under heavy criticism for being the main “catalyst” of the used game movement. Gamestop is one of the largest gaming distributors in the market as well.

The Reason

The next generation consoles might implement this practice of banning used games. There is a new atmosphere in the video game industry, the desire to get a share of the profit that used games provide. There is no doubt that gaming companies are losing money because people are choosing to buy used games instead of new because of the price difference.

Companies like Gamestop make much of their profit with trade-in games and re-selling those games back to the customer. Many consumers are oblivious to the thought of not being able to play used games on their new consoles.

Game developers have begun to notice that if they begin to restrict their games to only work on a specific console, they can make money. This thought process has come to make the gaming industry rethink the way games are sold. The gaming giants are contemplating making this come true on the next iteration of their consoles.


This used game debate is a hot button issue that causes much discussion between the gaming community. Some argue that by forcing gamers to buy every game specific to their gaming console, the industry will generate more money for the gaming company leading to better quality games for consumers. Others argue that by taking away the ability to play used games on a console other than your own, will destroy companies like Gamefly and Gamestop. These companies rely on providing used games to their customers.

This is a complicated issue that gaming companies will be contemplating for future generation systems. What do you think about used games becoming restricted? Do you think gaming companies have a right to do this? Please feel free to comment.


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2 Responses to Are used games becoming obsolete?

  1. Sanic says:

    I don’t think they should be able to include an online pass. They earned their $60 for the game, why should they get another easy $10?

  2. Eric Macias says:

    Yes, I agree that the prices of video games very high. I hope the next generation systems dont raise that 60 dollar price point.

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