Are Video Games hurting us?

Photo by Loren Kahle

Photo by Loren Kahle

Our society is in the middle of a crossroads right now concerning video games.

The video game has come a long way since the simple 8 bit days; There us no doubt that the violence in video games has risen significantly since those days. Due to this revolution, games have slowly been changing from friendly side-scrollers, towards more darker themed story lines. This gradual change has been making many people uncomfortable about the direction that the gaming industry is heading.

There have been many studies and research done over the years to prove that video games have been hurting us instead of helping us. Many of these researchers are using violent games as an example of our violent acts (GTA, COD and Mortal Kombat). They have been blaming recent violent acts the cause of video games.

There are both benefits and disadvantages to video games. The disadvantages are that video games desensitizes kids, sexual content and teaches them inappropriate behaviors. The benefits are enhancing creativity, improved problem solving skills and medical therapy. Do the benefits outweigh the disadvantages?

There is a fundamental problem that is underlying in all of this, are we truly influenced by things that happen in a fantasy world? Do video games really influence us that much that we are swayed into doing bad things.

Personally, I believe that we must control amount of gaming kids engage in because that is where this problem stems from. As you get older, you start to realize that video games are completely fake and solely for entertainment but young kids do not understand this difference and this misunderstanding could lead to some future problems for them. What do you think? Do you believe video games are hurting us? Please feel free to comment.


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1 Response to Are Video Games hurting us?

  1. gamingdaddy says:

    Personally I think we are are just seeing the same response to that seen in the 1980’s when the horror/slasher genre was blamed for everything wrong in the World. Freddy Kruger was the face of all things bad. There is evidence that video games and movies can influence those who are unstable into acts of violence……………………as can porn, art, books and music.

    Video games are becoming more adult in tone generally, mainly due to the demographic of gamers changing, and technology is allowing developers to express themselves. The focus now I believe is starting to shift to narrative, story telling and more “interactive movies” rather than “lets see how gory we can make this”.

    For every Mortal Kombat or COD there are games such as Journey, Ni No Kuni, Mario, Okami, Ico and numerous other titles which balance the gaming world just as the likes of Toy story does with the World of Movies.


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